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A major joy of spring is watching annuals and perennials burst into bloom, especially at Terhune Orchards. The gardens here, designed and executed by Pam Mount, illustrate how brilliant colors and variety create a garden of visual appeal and excitement. What can you do if you share Pam's love of flowers, but not her green thumb?


Terhune Orchards comes to the rescue!

All winter, Terhune Orchards greenhouse staff have been busy planting, thinning, watering, and caring for thousands of plants, each selected for their hardiness, suitability, and color. Although we are always trying new varieties, we only sell those varieties we would be proud to have in our own gardens. Can't decide which plants "go together?" Our Flowering Baskets eliminate the guesswork. We've grouped plants in dramatic arrangements, ready to decorate your sunroom, deck, or porch.

Flowers for cutting and herbs are our specialty. We select varieties both for how well they grow in our own gardens and their visual appeal. Starting in early spring, look for 6-packs of annuals such as pansies, primroses, johnny jump-ups, and violas in lots of colors! They're also available now in pots to decorate your porch or table. Or, transplant them directly into your garden. There are lots to colors and varieties to choose from.

FreesiaWe've started using larger pots for those who want lush, more dramatic plants for that "instant" garden without the fuss. Annuals grown in large containers do very well once transplanted into your garden. With substantial root systems, they are better established than are the plants in smaller 6-packs. And, even if you've missed the spring planting season, plants in larger pots also do well when transplanted later in the season. These larger-sized plants are "showier" and thrive in patio or poolside planters and containers. Once planted, your garden looks perfect!

Terhune Orchards has a fantastic selection of culinary herbs. Most grow well in central New Jersey if planted in well-drained soil and full sun. Since most seem naturally resistant to disease and insects, no chemicals are needed. Water herbs when you plant them or during the intense heat of summer, otherwise most herbs require little extra water.

All Terhune Orchards herbs are available in single-plant 3-1/2-inch pots. Some, such as basil and parsley, are also available in six-packs. Since many herbs are perennials, you can expect years of great foliage and flavors from your original plants! Try all of our popular culinary herbs -- tarragon, thyme, rosemary, marjoram, sage, coriander, and several kinds of oregano, basil, and parsley -- and some that are more unusual, such as 12 kinds of mint, lemon verbena, bee balm, and a wide variety of edible nasturtiums.

Baskets of Flowering Plants - ALL WINTER!

Come see the most magnificent "display" of Pam's glorious spring flowers available this winter at Terhune Orchards Farm Store. Thanks to greenhouse technology, Pam's bulbs planted in 6-inch and 8-inch pots are ready and "set" to go during the winter months.

Flowes and ApplesAll winter, the Farm Store will be filled with the best of Spring! See blooming primrose or cyclamen nestled in a back drop of planted greens. Come back in January for blooming tulips and tete-a-tetes, and in February and March for our glorious freesias - single or double blooms in incredibly rich, lush colors - available only at Terhune Orchards! Arranged in unique gift baskets and planters, these blooming spring bulbs, flowering plants, and/or herbs make welcome one-size-fits-all gifts that brighten even the most dreary winter days!

Visit the Farm Store this winter, and enjoy the view!

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