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How It Works

Family Picking Their OwnPick-Your-Own — Lot of Fruit, Lots of Fun

At last, an activity the whole family can do together that's actually fun! It provides exercise, lots of fresh air, and something to take home for your efforts. Look at the Pick-Your-Own Schedule.

So, come to Terhune Orchards and Pick-Your-Own berries, apples, pumpkins and flowers!

Terhune Orchards starts harvesting with the first crop of strawberries in May. Then June brings cherries (sweet and sour) and blueberries. In July juicy blackberries are ripe. September is Apple season and October brings pumpkins! – all available as pick-your-own!

Call the farm store at 609-924-2310 to check on availability--each season brings a slightly different timing..


First fruit of the Pick-Your-Own season, welcome summer with juicy berries. You will quickly pick your baskets full.


Cherry season goes by fast. If you wait until "next weekend" to pick cherries, you may be too late. We have sweet and tart varieties. And, in June, toward the end of the month, picking will be "ready, set, go," because the season is still "short and sweet - Gary Mount explains about cherry season."


Two acres of bushes loaded with blueberries. A special net keep the birds away from the sweet berries and leaves plenty for the pickers. The bushes are loaded with berries lasting from end of June to early August.


If you love blackberries, Terhune Orchards is the place to go! They literally dissolve in your mouth in a refreshing burst of sweet and tart. When picking these berries, look for ones that slip easily off their stems and into your hand. Because berries bruise easily, place them into a shallow, wide container as you pick. Please remember that each year is different--call the farmstore before you come to check availability.

* Introducing THORNLESS blackberries - makes these berries easier to pick. About three times the size of black raspberries, these high-quality blackberries ripen in early to mid-August.


Children Picking Their Own Fall and Apples go together at Terhune Orchards. For September and October, Terhune Orchards' pick-your-own farm on Van Kirk Road--just around the block form our home farm--is open everyday (unless a hurricane hits). The Van Kirk Road Orchard was set up and planted with Pick Your Own in mind. The apple varieties are planted in blocks so that they are easy to find. The dwarf trees are tied onto a 4 wire trellis and kept short so all the apples are easy to pick from the ground. No ladders or long poles are needed. So jump in the car and head out for a trip to the orchard.

We have watered our apples all summer with our state of the art trickle irrigation system. Our apples are juicy, crisp and delicious--and plentiful too!!

All apples, except Red Delicious, are great for eating and cooking. Red Delicious doesn't cook well--too mild flavored in Pam Mount's opinion. So pick lots--put the apples in your refrigerator at home to keep them crisp and juicy. Make pies and apple sauce--put an apple in each lunch box. Get in the habit of eating a crisp, delicious apple at three in the afternoon each day. It relieves stress and gives a lift to carry you through your day! It adds fiber to your diet and very few calories.

Apples at the pick your own farm are sold by weight--you pay for what you pick. Call farm store at 609-924-2310 for availabilty.

Boy picking a pumpkinPumpkins

Don't forget to pick-your-own pumpkins in our Cold Soil Road pumpkin patch. Our five acres of jack-o-lantern pumpkins, with so many to choose from, you're sure to find just the perfect pumpkin for you.  Pumpkin picking starts the third weekend in September.


Parking is very convenient at our Van Kirk Road Orchard. Just a few steps from the trees. On weekends, there is a farm wagon ride around the orchard which is fun and convenient. Just hop on and off as you wish (but be sure it is stopped first). During the week, a short walk to the picking area is fun and easy. Bags are available at the farm.

No outside food, pets, coolers or alcohol is permited.


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