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Scout group visitors

In September and October, school groups, Scouts, 4-H, etc. kids of all ages, from pre-school through college come to Terhune Orchards to learn basic science and biology in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.

The Orchard Walks and Tours show how a family farm operates, what machinery is used, and how apples and vegetables grow. What better way to learn the importance of farming and food production than to visit a real working farm!

Farm Activities

Group Tours Around the Farm

The perfect way to teach about the importance of farming, food production, and respect for nature is to visit a real working farm.  Pam and Gary Mount began hosting school groups over 25 years ago when their own children's classes came to the farm.  Now thousands of people come each season to learn about the farm.

* Groups must call ahead for an appointment 609-924-2310.

The ever-popular Fall visit to Terhune Orchards features apples and pumpkins.  Our outdoor classroom allows for personal observation of a working family farm.  Age-appropriate information on how fruits and vegetables grow, the importance of farming, basic science and biology are all part of a fun day at the farm.

Spring and Summer programs involve gardening or a nature discovery walk on our Farm Trail.  A take-home craft activity accompanies these programs.

All tours can enrich classroom or home school programs in social studies, environmental issues, New Jersey studies and a host of other topics.  We meet many New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards.

Call ahead to discuss your needs at 609-924-2310.  All tours are designed to meet age and interest of your group.

Spring Tour

Spring is the busy time for plowing and planting. April through June is the time to enjoy our gardening program. Tour groups will learn about the needs of seeds, the parts of plants and irrigation. Children dig for subterranean aliens (earth worms) and learn their importance. If your group is here during apple blossom time, they will get to visit the bee hives and see the busiest workers on the farm. As part of the program, children will plant mini-gardens to care for at home. A refreshing treat of apple cider and a crisp apple rewards our young gardeners. Complete your visit to the number one attraction at Terhune Orchards, the farm animals. This program is appropriate for children 3-10. Tour length - 1 ½ hours.

Summer Tour

Elaine with pre-school visitorsAs spring heats up into summer, the farm hums with activity. Our summer discovery walk investigates nature along our Farm Trail. During June, July and August our one mile trail is host to many wild flowers and animals. Butterflies, lady bugs and spittle bugs, insects abound! Children learn the life cycle of insects and how the farmer uses that information to care for his crops. There are ‘good guys’ and ‘bad guys’ out there. A farm must be compatible with nature because it is a part of it. A lesson we all learn is how to identify poison ivy and the different ways it grows. Our journey through the deciduous forest gives rise to discussion on recycling and the role of natures FBI (fungus, bacteria and insects). A crisp apple and apple cider awaits our hikers at the end of their walk. As a remembrance of their day, children make either a tie dye butterfly or dragonfly. This program is appropriate for children 6 and up. Tour length – 1 ½ hours.

Fall Tour

We take pride in our way of life and love to share that with the community. We think that is why teachers return year after year to Terhune Orchards each fall. It is important to see where food comes from and how it is grown. Terhune Orchards is a preserved farm, so someday these children may bring their own children here to see the farm. During the one hour walk, the discussion includes how apple trees and apples grow. We visit field crops and use a real apple picking bucket. We talk about pollination and those busy bees.

The fall mums have above ground drip irrigation which makes it easy to see how we water our crops. A stroll through a colorful zinnia and sunflower garden usually treats us to a glimpse of our state bird, the Eastern Goldfinch. If the cider press is in operation during your visit, it’s a must see. One thing is fore sure – kinds go for the number one attraction here on the farm, the barnyard animals!

Each visitor receives a crunchy apple and cup of apple cider. The children get a souvenir Terhune Orchards coloring book to remember the day.

This program is appropriate for children 3 and up. Tour length – 1 hour. All material is presented in an age appropriate manner. Round out your day by picking apples or pumpkins or both!

Orchard Tour for All Ages

An educational tour of Terhune Orchards is great for any age. Environmental Issues, Economics, New Jersey studies, senior groups and other areas! To make an appointment for your group to enjoy an educational tour of Terhune Orchards, call 609-924-2310.


Elaine Madigan—experienced teacher, naturalist, animal-lover and long-time Terhune Orchards' employee— and her knowledgeable and energetic group of Tour Guides lead the way. In addition to their experience of working with children of all ages, Elaine and her staff bring a wealth of creativity, energy, and knowledge to each tour they lead. The tour guides, who are all experienced teachers, adapt the tour to match the age and interests of each group. Group leaders are encouraged to identify curricular areas they would like the guide to emphasize.

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