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FREE Pam's Garden and Herb Class - Sunday May 19 - 1pm

Learn everything you want to know about herbs and gardening. Pam will focus on different kinds of herbs, how to plant them, when to pick them and how to use them in cooking! Call the Farmstore to reserve your space, 609-924-2310.


FREE Preserving Class - Saturday August 3 10am - 11am

Preserving Class with Pam Mount

Learn Pam Mount's secrets for enjoying summer's bounty all year long! Call early to reserve your place — this FREE class is only offered once every summer (609-924-2310).

Can't wait for the class? Try some of our preserving tips.

Also, check out our scrumptious canning and feezing recipes.

Fruit Tree Pruning Class - Saturday March 16, 2013
11:00am - 12:00pm

Tree Pruning Class with Gary Mount

Gary Mount will be offering a free pruning class in his orchards (rain or shine). Mr. Mount is frequently asked for his advice on pruning and other cultural practices in the orchards. He has taught several classes and given numerous lectures and tours.

Everyone is welcome. The class will take place rain or shine! Terhune Orchards' own cider and donuts will be served as refreshments. Directions

"Any time in March or early April is the right time to prune your fruit trees so that they will have a bumper crop that year" says Mr. Mount. He will demonstrate good pruning techniques and equipment which the homeowner can use on apple trees (both standard sized and dwarf), peach trees and pear trees. Mr. Mount will explain how he prunes and answer questions right out in the orchards. He will also discuss new varieties of fruit trees suitable for planting by the homeowner and the difference between various rootstocks.

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