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Five weeks of fun on the Farm. See descriptions of two camp programs

Summer Camp Kids

Schedule for 2015

Farm Camp - The camp sessions meet between 9am and 3:30pm, Ages 7-10:

July 13 to July 17 - (FULL FOR SUMMER 2015)

July 20 to July 24 - (FULL FOR SUMMER 2015)

Future Farmers Gardening Camp -The camp sessions meet from between 9am and 3:30pm, Ages 8-12.

July 6 -10 -

July 27 to July 31-

August 3 to August 7 -

Registration: Download and mail in registration and medical FORMS with payment.

Register early since space is limited. For additional details or questions, call the Farm Store at 609-924-2310.

Terhune Orchards welcomes children between the ages of 7 and 10 to enjoy a fun-filled week of summer camp on the farm.

Farm Camp at the Farm

The two one-week sessions focus on how the farmer and nature work together to grow healthy crops. Camp is directed by Elaine Madigan, Terhune Orchards Education Director and Manger for over twenty years.

This hands-on program includes a variety of activities, games, crafts and field trips that will teach the campers about farm life. Activities include visiting Terhune Orchards’ fields to pick fruits and vegetables, which campers then prepare for healthy snacks, becoming friends with our animals, including gathering our chickens’ eggs, brushing and feeding all the animals, studying insects, butterflies, and bees, identifying trees on the nature trail, learning about how farm and nature work together, water quality, discovering nature in the Children's garden (planting, caring and harvesting), to name a few. Hiking the Farm Trail, exploring the StonyBrook, and a trip to the Howell Living History Farm to compare a modern family farm to practices at the turn of the century provide additional fun activities for the campers.

Examples of hands-on fun activities may include:

  • Flower press and pressing flowers.
  • Visual "story stick" of farm trail hike using found objects.
  • Making boats to sail in the brook.
  • Treasure box to collect weekly finds!
  • A nature journal, nature poetry.
  • Buzzing humming Bee.

Future Farmers Gardening Camp

For children between the ages of 8 and 12 to experience a week of summer gardening camp on the farm. The two one-week sessions engage in hands-on activities that provide an understanding of how a farm works, it's environmental context, as well as plenty of hands-on farming and old fashioned games! The activities blend learning, doing, and of course fun! Come and experience life on the farm. 

Campers will have a full week of activities focused around Terhune Orchards children’s garden. Gardening topics will include garden preparation and planting, tool safety, weeding, watering, plant types and harvesting. In addition, campers will explore and harvest from among the 35 different crops grown here at Terhune Orchards and get a behind the scenes look at farming. They will harvest and eat their own “Jersey Fresh” snacks from the fruits and vegetables they pick. Nothing like eating what you grow! Along the way, campers will study insects and pollinators, take a nature hike, learn about water cycles and even learn some historical agricultural. 

Camp leader: John Emmons is the Elementary Lab Science teacher at Community Park School in Princeton. He holds a BS in Environmental Planning and Masters in Teaching (Elementary Education specialization). His background includes leading nature programs, school garden clubs and farming.


*Specific topics camp may cover:
(Children's Garden)
-Tool types, uses, and safety             -Soil preparation and management
-Planting methods and plant care       -Plant types (herbs, fruits, and vegetables)
-Garden care                                     -Food harvesting methods

(Farm Behind the Scenes)
-Farm machinery and tools                  -Farm chores including caring for animals
-Exploring farm crops, fields, and harvesting
-Seeing a farm as a business (selling crops, farm store, farm workers)

(Environmental Context)
-Exploring that natural habitats found on a farm (wood lots, streams, ponds, meadows, edges)
-Exploring the wildlife found on farms (amphibians, reptiles, mammals, birds, and insects)
-Learning about ecological balance between farming and the natural environment
-Nature hikes and scavenger hunts

-Agricultural roots and milestones      -Farm life ways (Native American, Early American, Modern)
-Importance of farming in history

(Old-Fashioned Fun and Games)
-Hide and Seek                                    -Kick ball
-Baby in the Air                                    -Water Fun (water balloon toss, sprinkler, etc)
-Wagon Rides                                      -Miniature boat building and racing in a stream
-Rock skipping and dam building on a stream

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